July 28, 2017

Mi Yucatan – Mayan restaurant in SF's Mission

Mi Yucatan – Mayan restaurant in SF’s Mission

Mi Yucatan has only been around since August of 2015 with its brightly colored walls and murals. Excerpt Mission Local It is owned two sisters from a city called Oxkutzcab in the State of Yucatan, who seem to know their way around this cuisine. We have quite a few Yucatecan restaurants now in the Mission, […]

Oakland's Latino History dates to 1770

Oakland’s Latino History dates to 1770

Oakland runs deep with Latino culture, and its history is old! Our Bay Area city always had a large Latino population dating back to 1770. In the 1960s, the first Latino community in West Oakland was completely destroyed. This forced many Latinos to relocate to the Fruitvale district. Very interesting. 10 Things to Do This […]