How much will Americans get paid by Coronavirus stimulus bill?

How much will Americans get paid by Coronavirus stimulus bill?

Most adults will get checks of $1,200 per person and $3,400 per family of 4 in the massive coronavirus stimulus bill.

  • The final package is likely to be sent to the House, today on Wednesday.
  • If you feel it’s not enough, see below for a petition.
  • We’ll keep updating with more details. Please come back.

Income limits:

For earners between $75,000 and $99,000, the amount gradually reduces.

And, individuals who earn more than $99,000 and couples over $198,000, they get $0.

About 85 percent of individuals earn under $75,000, meaning they would get the full amount. Roughly 90 percent of individual earners are under the $99,000 cap. About 90 percent of households would get the full $2,400 for two adults.

IRS check:

The IRS will apply the means test to 2018 tax filings unless someone already has filed their 2019 taxes.


The checks will be mailed or direct-deposited as soon as the IRS is able. Hill officials believe that may be in April.


Official links:


IRS does not have information available yet on stimulus or payment checks.


If you feel this check is not enough?

Only $1200. Congress needs to hear from you!

Hi everyone!

Congress just finalized the stimulus package and it is expected to pass.

However, despite the massive outcry of voices saying that a one-time check isn’t enough, the bill includes only a single payment.

Elected officials need to hear from you now. They need to know what this moment is like for you and your loved ones.

Right now: We are looking for people to send us a quick video…

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