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DACA is Here to Stay, Trump Must Go NOW! Keep up the Fight // Oakland

Today at 3 PM – 6 PM
Plaza de la Fuente, Oakland, CA 94601, United States.
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Update! There is a 12noon event today. Click here for details!



Victory for the New Movement! DACA Stays! Congratulations to the Combined Power of the Immigrant Rights Movement of 2006 and the Movement for Justice for George Floyd!

Thank You, Minneapolis, for the Days of Struggle for George Floyd!

Next – the Movement Needs to Remove Trump Himself Now!
The Real Power is in the Streets!

**Keep safe from COVID-19: always wear a mask in public**

Join us this Saturday, June 20th at 3 pm.
Gather at Plaza de la Fuente between 34th and 35th Avenue on International Blvd. for a rally and march/caravan through Fruitvale

DACA is Here to Stay, Trump Must Go Now By Any Means Necessary
Keep Building the Movement Against Racist Police Brutality and to End ICE Terror and Deportations!


Legal background:

Today the U.S. Supreme Court, by a 5-4 decision overturned Donald Trump’s attempt to eliminate DACA, declaring this racist attack by Trump to be “arbitrary and capricious,” and therefore lacking any legal status. Today marks a major victory for the movement that started in Minneapolis fighting for justice for George Floyd and all victims of racist police brutality as well as a long-fought victory for the immigrant rights movement in which millions of undocumented American immigrants and their supporters took over the streets of cities across the nation.

This is a victory of the movement, not of the courts. This victory belongs to all the undocumented immigrant youth and communities that have been fighting for years for DACA and against deportations. This is a victory for the millions of people in the streets now who are fighting against racist police brutality, who are fighting for dignity and equality. This is a victory for every young person yearning to breathe free, against Trump and the racist divisions he stands for.

Aside from the celebrations well-earned by our movement today, this is a time to recognize how powerful our integrated movement can be when we are fighting together, the movement against racist inequality and police brutality led by black youth and their supporters and the movement for immigrant rights led by Latina/o, and immigrant communities! Minneapolis has inspired a historic movement that has won a set of victories nationwide and made DACA’s victory today possible. Despite the lulls and efforts of politicians to slow down and to stop the movement, we have not stopped fighting. We should use this victory to continue building our movement fighting in the streets.
In less than a month this new mass movement for civil rights and social justice has changed more history for the better in the United States than all the speechifying and maneuvers of the politicians in the last fifty years.

The Supreme Court’s decision, led by Chief Justice Roberts, is a recognition of how explosive a negative decision on DACA would have been, provoking the anger of the Latino/a and immigrant communities in this nation to qualitatively escalate an integrated struggle in the most historic movement in America for racial equality since the civil rights movement of 1960’s.

The Supreme Court recognized that danger. We should show the political establishments in this nation that we are nowhere near done fighting, but in fact are emboldened to build on this victory to win the DREAM Act and demand full citizenship rights for all immigrants, to demand an end to the caging of children and families at the border, to demand asylum for those seeking relief at the border. But also, this decision should make clear to us that our movement really does have the power to strip racist police of their power and jail all killer cops. We also have the power to restore the gains of the civil rights movement of the sixties led by Martin Luther King. We can fight to restore affirmative action and integration programs. We can defend public education. We can close the gap of racial and economic inequality in America.

Even more, if we maintain our independent and heroic struggle, we can defeat the greatest immediate threat to democracy and equality in America, by forcing Donald Trump and Mike Pence, out of office NOW, without suffering another day, week, or months of Trump’s outrages and his repeated threats to turn his presidency into a tyranny.

The real power is in the streets and we should set our sights high in what is possible to accomplish now. Let’s keep fighting!



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The Real Power Is In the Streets:

The Minneapolis Uprising Points the Way!
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June 20 2020


Date: 06/20/2020
Time: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Cost: FREE
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Fruitvale Village

Oakland, CA United States

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