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[volunteer] Drive-Thru Food & Water Distribution // Oakland

Bay Area folks gathering to cook delicious, fresh food for our unhoused Brothers and Sisters in the East Bay. We are everyday people. Join us.

Saturday at 11 AM – 12:15 PM
Where: Tamarack Oakland
Hosted by East Oakland Burrito Roll.





1) Sign up for a Drive-Thru time slot here https://forms.gle/7Kg5t2E9P4aHUpYn9 for ***Saturday 11/7/20****

(We are staggering car arrivals to keep things running quickly & smoothly. Please be on time.)

2) We are asking volunteers to bring with them 3 to 5 cases of water bottle donations, if possible.

3) Arrive at Tamarack Oakland (1501 Harrison St.) and follow the signs to pull in to the large parking lot next door.
Masks for ALL car passengers REQUIRED at ALL times. (We have masks on site if you need one.)

4) Remain in your car at all times.

5) A core volunteer for EOBR will load up your vehicle with freshly made meals (that are individually packaged and ready to eat) plus utensils/napkins, and gloves for volunteers to wear.

6) EOBR will provide a short list of 2 to 4 locations to (SOCIALLY DISTANCED) drop off the food, plus a print out of some tips on delivery as well as this step-by-step list.

7) Arrive at assigned curbside community drop off point(s). Park in a safe area. Wear your mask!
Wave to any folks you can see. You are entering their living room unannounced, please be courteous and

8) Using gloves (EOBR will provide to you), Unload a few boxes of food and water.

(Please do not let anyone else help you unload, even if they offer. Politely explain that you can handle it
yourself in order to remain socially distant.)

9) From a safe distance please politely get the attention of a camp resident.


Ask them:

(a) If you have left too little (or too much) food and water?
How many residents at this location (make a note)?
(b) Can that person alert the other community members about the food/water that you are leaving
so that it does NOT go to waste?
*DO NOT JUST DROP OFF FOOD AND LEAVE WITHOUT FINDING A RESIDENT WILLING TO HELP SHARE THE RESOURCES WITH THEIR NEIGHBORS.* No one will eat random food that is just sitting there for who knows how long. Would you?
*DO NOT WALK TENT TO TENT, HANDING SUPPLIES OUT.* Unlike past EOBR events sadly making those connections via conversation are not encouraged during a pandemic. For the safety of Both the volunteer AND the curbside community members—volunteers should spend as minimal amount of time at drop off locations as possible.
*DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF ANYONE (Selfies are fine)* If you would like to take a selfie (Masks on!) with the food/water you are distributing that is great, but please respect the privacy of everyone you come in contact with. Feel free to share your photos with us by texting Maaz at (510) 378-0825 or emailing EastOaklandBurritoRoll@gmail or tagging us on Instagram (@East_Oakland_Burrito_Roll or #EastOaklandBurritoRoll) or facebook (www.facebook.com/EastOaklandBurritoRoll


10) Submit all feedback info ASAP Please.

(How many residents at each location?
Has the curbside community been evicted/vacated?
Any tips on where it is best to park for distribution?
Is there a better address to give for future volunteers to use for each location?)

Please fill out the form at bit.ly/EOBRnotes
(If unable to do so, EMAIL sasha.eobr@gmail.com or TEXT (404) 915-1751 with your feedback.)



-If the driver wants to bring ONE helper that’s great! But we encourage only people who are currently sharing a quarantine pod to share a car. Also we need to fill your car as much as possible, so ideally only two volunteers per car

-Before you arrive please CLEAR OUT YOUR TRUNK AND BACK SEATS completely of any miscellaneous items to allow for maximum use of space

-Please be patient if there is a line or wait time when you arrive for pickup

-If you feel sick and can’t attend this event please call or text (510) 378-0825 to notify Maaz (Volunteer Coordinator) with as much notice as possible.

********Again: If you arrive at the event without signing up below to volunteer you will be turned away. ***********
REMEMBER that signing up below means that we are COUNTING on you. Please let us know in advance if you cannot make it to the event.


November 07 2020


Date: 11/07/2020
Time: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm
Cost: FREE
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