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[live] Las Ofrendas: Living Dias de Muertos // Zoom

Our past two circulos helped us prepare comida, and other ofrendas for our visiting ancestors. Now, what spirit work will come of the visita? More to come, my friends. Register today for Ceremonias de Dias de Muertos. this Wednesday.

The time is now, while the veil is thin.

What ceremonias will you use now to heal those relations with those on the other side? They are relations, yes? Still. From here and now.
How do you help yourself now, and reach back in time? How do we heal in the present, and reach back to the past, for a better futuro?
Join us for our last circle of this beautiful season.

Wednesday at 6 PM PDT – 8 PM
Where: Zoom
Hosted by Casa Tía Luna, Estela InXochi and MZamora Zamora

Tickets · $40 – $100
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Living Dias de los Muertos
24, 25 y 28 de October.

All circulos are in Spanish with simultaneous English interpretation available.

Casa Tía Luna is an Indigenous ancestral healing space for women of color, where medicine people and practitioners can make their offerings available for our communities in the Bay Area.





Ancestral Foods.

Join us for Dias de muertos, days to remember, but also, days to reconcile with the past, with ancestors, a time for sharing, enjoying, laughter, crying. Hear stories, visit with our living and deceased loved ones, with ancestors that cling to us. A legacy time that our ancestors left to do our work and continue to enjoy, love, be free.

It is Fall, a time when the fine line between life and death is clear. Nature shows its magnificence power, yellow flowers on the hills.Trees turning into beautiful colors. A spirit of reflection and transformation invades Nature. Indigenous thought is guided by this spirit. We healers prepare to guide our people towards doing their work to honor the intimate encounter between Life and death. With celebration, we pay tribute to Death, with transformation we pay tribute to life..

Day 1, Saturday October 24: Las Ofrendas
Circulo de palabra on making your altar, levantando el altar. The meaning and purpose of different altars. Visiting communties, altars and markets. Hearing stories of how we revive our faith with days of the dead.

//This series on Living Dias de Muertos is offered from the perspective de una cultura indigena, where our relations with our ancestors, our muertos, is an ongoing relation and an opportunity to continue healing and awareness of our emotions. Maestra Estela Roman shares almost 30 years of experience as a curandera, a practitioner in the arts of ancient medicine, as she offers us an invaluable and practical perspective to understand in detail issues of our emotional, mental, body and spiritual health.



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There is no charge for these circulos de palabra with Maestra Estela, however, she has asked that everyone continue to donate what you can so we can continue to offer these kinds of medicine circulos and teachings to our communities thru Casa Tia Luna, our new medicine house in San Francisco that Estela co-founded. If for any reason you cannot make the minimum donation of $40 or are unable to register online, please contact us directly at tialuna415@gmail.com , and we can discuss how we can make this happen with a donation that’s possible for you and/or a trueque/barter.


Estela Roman is the author of Nuestra Medicina, de los Remedios para el Aire y Los Remedios para el Alma, currently being translated in English. Estela has played a key role in promoting different traditional healing practices and has been active in her community and in the teaching of women and children the different aspects of health and environment, as well as traditional customs and practices. Every Summer she opens her home and coordinates a children program where she encourages the learning of basic skills, art and Indigenous culture. Her grandmother and other relatives were well known for practicing traditional methods of healing using techniques of massage, herbal medicine, and spiritual purification or “limpias.”

Estela has an extensive practice in different massage techniques, including body integration, joint adjustment, sobada de la matriz, stiff muscles and chronic pain. Besides working with the body in these ways, Estela offers soul retrievals and deep Limpias. Her work has made an enormous difference in the lives of many.

Estela’s experience in the field of herbal medicine includes: community health work, organic agriculture, organization and skill building as well as project and proposal writing. Estela has supported and worked with different NGOs and has been crucial in gaining funding for different community projects. She practices and promotes traditional healing as a way of life and discipline, she promotes the learning and mastering the love of oneself as a first step towards achieving wellness. She believes in formal education only if it is combined with practical experience. Estela loves the arts and aspires to be able to transmit her knowledge and inspire others to live in a healthy world where tolerance, love, mutual respect, and justice are fundamental principles of human life.

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October 28 2020


Date: October 28
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Cost: $40 – $100
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