Chuy Gomez brings back Sunday night OLDIES // Hot 105.7FM


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    Hi chuye can you play a song for my son Anthony Zamora and My brother Eferan Bara they both just turned 35 yrs old… Thank you (My shout out ) love the both of you happy birthday son and bro from mom,sis?

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    What the is going on with the oldies this Sunday

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    Happy birthday princess china!! Im proud of you! Love mommy.. Please play I love you for so many reasons!!

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    Hey Chuy. Love, love, love hearing all my Oldies playing on the radio man!

    Driving around listening to your show. Missing my pops real bad. He passed his love of Oldies on to me. 12/19/16 will be the 14th anniversary of his passing. Thanks for taking me back!

    -Amanda in San Jose

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    Can i buy a cd/tape of the songsvyou play from any show?

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    Hello! Can you post the playlist of the songs you played last night? I was trying to shazaam the very last song you played last night but it didn’t work. 2/9/17. <3 Thanks for reviving Sunday Night oldies!

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