L.A. Immigrants Bring $233 Billion to the Economy.

L.A. Immigrants Bring $233 Billion to the Economy.

L.A. Immigrants Bring $233 Billion to the Economy.

Attention Trump supporters! Immigrants prove that they pay billions of USA taxes.

In one city, it’s about 7 billion dollars. Please see below!

According to “so-called” Presidente Trump, immigrants are “criminals or even terrorists”, who not only “steal jobs” but also “leech” public services by not paying taxes.

That’s just not true. And MANY reports have disproven those “alternative facts.” (you can read an article in LA weekly siting these mentiras HERE!)

In reality (according to a 2016 study from the bipartisan group New American Economy) immigrants contributed more than $232.9 billion dollars to the local GDP (that’s the gross domestic product) in a single year! Talk about holding our own!

“The study speaks to something we all know intuitively,” says Kate Brick, the organization’s director of state and local initiatives. “Immigrants are the engine that drives the local economy.”

Want some facts for those locos against immigration? Well, here are 5 jaw droppers to shut them up:

1. The research shows that one out of every five residents in L.A. County is a Latino immigrant. The spending power of the foreign-born immigrants in Los Angeles was a whopping 70.7 billion dollars, 30 billion of that from foreign born Latinos. Meaning what exactly? We contribute to the economy BIG TIME.

2. The study also found that all immigrants (including the ones considered “illegal”) composed a majority of “entrepreneurs” in both the city and county (51%). In fact hispanic immigrants make up 30% of entrepeneurs, and thats not including all latinos, thats just the immigrants. That means we come here and we start businesses and we MAKE JOBS, not steal them.

3. Immigrants in LA County paid $17.3 billion in federal taxes and $6.9 billion in just the City of LA.

4. Los Angeles Immigrants contributed $9.2 billion to Social Security in 2014.

5. Immigrants make up 43.2 percent of the working people in LA County and 46.7 percent in the City. Almost of half LA’s working population is made up of immigrants!

Anyone who thinks deporting immigrants or stoping immigration would improve the economy just needs to look at the facts: California’s Economy ranks 6th GLOBALLY and immigrants, especially Latinx Immigrants, are a BIG part of that. Take them away and all that spending power, all those new businesses, all that workforce is gone too.  Chew on that Mr. Trump!

“LA became one of the world’s great cities by embracing immigration and diversity,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement, “we’ll continue supporting anyone who wants to work hard and invest in our future—no matter who they are, where they come from, or what language they speak.”



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