Latino Art exhibits in Bay Area

VIVA FRIDA festival // San Jose

Latino Art exhibits in Bay Area

Experience amazing Latino exhibits in our Bay Area. The best part is that most are FREE!

Take the family to explore our beautiful culture with these amazing art exhibitions. Vamonos!

8 exhibits below.

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Remembering Maria Sabina, Thinking About Cultural Appropriation Today // Berkeley



[exhibit] Pasión de Frida // SF

[exhibit] De Cajón – “Continua la historia” // SF

[exhibit] In Outer Space: A Cultural Time Capsule // SF

[free] art exhibition: The Mexican Masks // Berkeley

[exhibit] En Plena Flor @ Sanchez Contemporary // Oakland

[exhibit] LA FRONTERA: Artists Respond to U.S. Mexico Border // SF

[exhibit] 50 Years of Cultura y Resistencia from Los Siete to Today // SF