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[video] Is Joe Kennedy the future of Democrats?

Rep. Joe Kennedy reaches out to Dreamers in Spanish You are part of our story, we will fight for you and we will not walk away. Joe Kennedy was eloquent and his points were on target. He did a great job representing the younger generations and the Democratic Party. He illuminated the better side of […]

Trump ends DACA!

Why our LATINO VOTE matters this year! [video]

On January 30th, 2018, #PendejoTrump appeared on TV to deliver his State of the Union [SOTU] and deliver “bullshit” about what he’s done in past year. After his speech,( see below) we should reflect how we need to come strong for voting this year! Excerpt Latino Community Foundation. 1. WE MUST EDUCATE OURSELVES! Here’s all […]

2018 Latino empower events in Bay Area

Did you know our Bay Area hosts empowerment events (many are free) for Latino Community? We love high-lighting these powerful activities so we can all benefit! Si se puede! This is part of our new empowerment series from the website. To see all articles, please click here. November events: 9 last update: 11/19, 1pm. please […]

[video] First California Latino Gubernatorial Forum on TV

[video] First California Latino Gubernatorial Forum on TV

No group has more at stake in the upcoming Gubernatorial race than California’s 15 million Latinos! See below the televised forum from Jan. 25th! This is why the Latino Community Foundation (LCF) partnered with Univision to host The 2018 Gubernatorial Forum with a laser focus on the issues that matter most to Latinos in California. […]

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Decolonize San Jose! City Council Meeting on Columbus Statue

January 30th at 2 PM – 7 PM San Jose City Hall 200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA, San Jose, California 95113 The city council met on January 30th to discuss the future of the Christopher Columbus statue currently residing inside city hall. Our coalition has been working tirelessly the last several months […]

4th Annual Latinas in Leadership Conference // SF 2

4th Annual Latinas in Leadership Conference // SF

If you missed this amazing LATINA empowerment event, here’s video! The University of San Francisco’s Stakeholder Community Forum Series presents the 4th Annual Latinas in Leadership Conference on January 26, 2018. This conference spotlights the innovative leadership that inspires, supports, and develops the success of the Latina-identified and Chicana-identified community. This year’s theme was “Cultural […]

State of Latino Entrepreneurship Forum [hosted by Stanford Latino]

State of Latino Entrepreneurship Forum [hosted by Stanford Latino]

We are pleased to invite you to the State of Latino Entrepreneurship Forum, hosted by the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. The forum will begin with a presentation of findings and insights from the 2017 SOLE report. Location: CEMEX Auditorium, Stanford Graduate School of Business [map below]. Date: February 7, 2018 Time: 10am to 12pm ADMISSION: […]

March for Mission Street!/Marcha por la Calle Misión! // SF

March for Mission Street!/Marcha por la Calle Misión! // SF

Thursday at 12 PM – 3 PM Mission Street @ 20th, SF. This march is for those who are sick and tired of GENTRIFICATION in all of our Latino Communities! From SF to Oakland and all over the Bay! Don’t these GENTRIFIERS know they are taking away CULTURE from a neighborhood by increasing the rents […]

2018 Bay Area Women's Marches

2018 Bay Area Women’s Marches

The amazing WOMEN MARCHES are Saturday! Here’s all Bay Area cities, and best ways to travel there! Arriba las mujeres! Because of record attendance last year, law enforcement and transportation authorities are gearing up for another year of big crowds. Excerpt KQED Women’s March Bay Area organizers estimate 80,000 attendees in San Francisco, 30,000 in […]

[tv] “Rape on the Night Shift” 1

[video] “Rape on the Night Shift”

Here’s where Latina harassment is WORST in USA! Please share this TV program – especially if you know someone who works at night, like janitors. Big props to PBS TV for finally uncovering (and still pushing) awareness this ugly epidemic. A joint investigation into the sexual abuse of immigrant women who clean the malls where […]

When to go to Emergency with the Flu 1

When to go to Emergency with the Flu

ATTENTION! THIS IS WHEN YOU SHOULD GO THE ER!!!! 1. When fever climbs to 103° F or higher, or trouble breathing while at rest or with slight exertion, says Marvin M. Lipman, M.D., Consumer Reports’ chief medical adviser. 2. If you experience pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen, sudden dizziness, confusion, or severe […]

SF Meet & Greet: Candidate for U.S. Senate Kevin de León

Kevin de León is Candidate for U.S. Senate [SF Meet & Greet]

Join the Latin@ Young Democrats of San Francisco, as we kick off our 2018 speaker series by welcoming California Senate President Pro Tem and Candidate for U.S. Senate Kevin de León. This event will be an opportunity to hear from the candidate on his vision for California, and to listen to our priorities and values […]