Latino Christmas Songs

Latino Christmas Songs

Enjoy beautiful Christmas songs for season!

Get into the perfect Latino Holiday mood by playing these jewels with everyone.

Expert Crafty Chica

Happy Holidays! Let’s look forward to tamales and all the goodies – and music, of course! These Latino Christmas songs will spark your winter spirit. Sometimes holiday songs sound so much better in Spanish… just saying!

Experience contemporary favorites to fresh spins on classics. Some aren’t even directly related to Christmas, but fit just as well. We hope these will light your spirit with emotion and happiness.

Please enjoy!


I even made a Spotify playlist for you!



Melissa Galindo – Todo Lo Que Quiero Es A Ti

Check out Melissa’s take on the ever popular Mariah Carey hit! It will make your day!

Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe – Popurri Navideño

Clear the dance floor!

Farolito by Natalia Lafourcade

Sometimes we don’t want to be perky and chipper for the season, this one is strong and sensitive, so beautiful to listen to.

el gran combo – la fiesta de pilito

Not only good for a party, but also for cleaning the house and decorating for that party!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Vazquez Sounds

This video is with an English version, but you can hear this Latino trio’s Spanish version of a variety of songs on their album, Sweet Christmas Ukulele & Jazz

Mi Mejor Regalo Eres Tu– India Martinez, Maldita Nerea

Mellow, chill and dreamy. This track is great with a toasty cup of mulled wine and pan dulce.


Santa, te espero a las 10 -Paty Cantú

This one is a must for any navidad playlist!



Here is a pretty version of White Christmas.


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Chrissie Fit

A bouncy, reggae-light version dedicated to el jefe in the red suit!

Feliz Navidad– Jose Feliciano

Straight up, old school classic. A must for every holiday playlist!


Arbolito de Navidad– Gloria Estefan

Gloria knows how to serve it up!

Jingle Bells – Celia Cruz

Putumayo Presents Latin Christmas

I love Putumayo compilations, and this is a new one for this year. Putumayo Presents Latin Christmas features eleven tracks from artists. You can buy it on CD, or stream it from Amazon!


Christmas music is an easy way to set the mood, not only for you but for your loved ones and friends. We will be playing this playlist during Christmas Eve, and I hope you will too!