[exhibit] ¡Somos Americanos? MAN ONE Solo Exhibition 2

[exhibit] ¡Somos Americanos? MAN ONE Solo Exhibition

“Are we American?” The answer is no longer apparent.

¡Somos Americanos? Graffiti Artist MAN ONE (from L.A.) Paints a Portrait of Our Nation in new body of work.

Preview: Friday April 7, 2017 (Oakland First Friday)
Opening Reception & Book signing: Saturday April 8th, 2017 5-8pm

Exhibition runs from April 8- May 13th, 2017


[exhibit] ¡Somos Americanos? MAN ONE Solo Exhibition



Sanchez Contemporary is excited to present a groundbreaking solo exhibit by Los Angeles-based graffiti artist, Man One.

¡Somos Americanos? will be a significant departure for the street art legend, utilizing mixed media and abstract surrealist portraiture to explore the question of the show’s title: “Are we American?” The answer is no longer apparent.

Opening April 8, ¡Somos Americanos? will showcase an entirely new body of work consisting of 20-30 mixed media pieces on wood and mediums he’s never used before, including oil, crayons and acrylics.

“I’ve had this concept in my head for a while of wanting to create portraits of different aspects of America, and using all these new mediums is really pushing my comfort zone and inspiring me to make new work,” Man One says. “I’m usually known for more tight paintings, but this is becoming very loose and emotional. It’s abstract. I can’t say there’s any realism in it at all. These are portraits, but you can’t always tell they’re portraits. And because I’m using wood as canvas for the first time, I can really jab into it with brushes. It’s going to be very textural in a way I haven’t done before. When people show up to the opening they might be surprized it came from me.”

The past year has been foundation-shifting for Man One’s personal life, not dissimilar to the tumultuous and disorienting changes we’ve seen across our nation as a result of the presidential election. For over a decade, Man One has been as much of a businessman as he has an artist, co-founding the iconic Crewest Gallery (now turned Crewest Studio) and leading a global creative agency. ¡Somos Americanos? is Man One getting back to basics as an artist and taking a break from commercial concerns so he can say what he needs to say.

“Succeeding in this show is about stepping up to the canvas with the concept of what I want to do and just expressing it right there in the moment with each piece,” explains Man One. “And then I’m done. I just walk away from [the work] and not have any judgement.”  READ MORE.


Man One Biography

An artist, curator, mentor and entrepreneur, Man One believes in the transformational power of art and its power to save lives and make the world a better place.

Man One believes art gives mankind an essential and irreplaceable cultural language in which to express and know itself. Man One believes art can transcend cultural and socio-economic barriers, fostering understanding, mutual respect and unity among disparate peoples. Man One believes these things are possible because he’s seen them happen through the power of his own art and the art of others.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Man One developed his love for art, developing his skills as a graffiti artist on the streets of LA. He honed his talents as a fine artist and understanding of art history at Loyola Marymount University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.