SF Latino Activist Shuts Up Fox News!

SF Latino Activist Shuts Up Fox News!

UPDATE! Here’s 2nd heated argument between Tucker and Hernandez in 2018

Below you will see their videos from 2017.

SF Latino Activist Shuts Up Fox News!


SF Latino goes against the racist Fox News, who criticize May 1st protests.

It was our own Roberto Hernandez shuts the racist up!

‘We’re Not Going to Stand for Trump’: Activist Spars With Tucker Over Illegal Immigrant Rights.

Excerpt Fox News






Tucker Carlson debated a California activist planning another ‘Day Without Immigrants’ in protest of President Trump’s proposed border wall and crackdown on illegal immigration.

Roberto Hernandez, who is planning a “May Day” protest on Monday, said undocumented farm workers are the hardest-working people on Earth and should be given refuge.

Carlson said he respects farm workers but that Hernandez is ignoring the fact some came to the United States illegally.

Hernandez said that most arguments against illegal immigration are moot because all people that are not Native Americans are immigrants.

Carlson said what Hernandez is advocating for is a “place without a government.”

“We [will] rise up and we’re not going to stand for having the Trump administration… build a wall and deport 11 million people,” Hernandez said.

He asked Carlson again whether undocumented farm workers who labor in California’s breadbasket have a right to a voice in the government.

“No,” Carlson said.


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