Selena movie @ New Mission Theatre // SF 2

Selena movie @ New Mission Theatre // SF

After 6 months of Negotiating, the Alamo drafthouse will finally show the movie Selena at New Mission Theatre.

This 3-day weekend, Saturday – Monday! All showtimes are at 10am but there’s alot of good breakfast spots to go eat at Jims, Chava’s, Red Cafe and my favorite spot Mission Kitchen. And after the movie go ahead out to the 39th Annual Carnaval festival.

And thank you again for all that voiced and pitched in with emails, texts, and calls and hopefully this is just a step to bring other movies.

I just heard to bring Boulevard Nights, La Bamba, and Lowriders. Make sure to bring your parents, I know that one time they brought you as kids to see a flick, Maybe its time for you to repay that back and for them to see how elegant the theater is now after celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Tickets only $10.


Selena movie @ New Mission Theatre // SF


New Mission
2550 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


Selena movie @ New Mission Theatre // SF 1


Selena Quintanilla was a major figure in Tejano music, a Grammy-winning recording artist, a beloved star in the American Southwest and Mexico, and seemed poised to cross over into mainstream popularity on the U.S. pop charts when she was murdered on March 31, 1995, by the president of her fan club.

Written and directed by Gregory Nava, this biopic concentrates on Selena’s relationship with her family and her rise to fame, dealing only briefly with her tragic death. Abraham Quintanilla is a veteran musician who leads a family-based singing group, The Dinos. At a young age, he notices that his daughter Selena has a strong singing voice, and he works her into the act. However, as she grows older, Selena wants to establish her own musical identity, while her heritage is Mexican-American, her primary language is English, and her favorite artists are American pop acts like Donna Summer and Paula Abdul. While Selena and Abraham sometimes argue about the musical direction of the group, he always respects and supports her talent, and her blend of Tejano roots music and danceable pop rhythms soon spark a revolution in Latin music.

Selena later earns the wrath of her father when she becomes romantically involved with Chris Perez, a rebellioius and long-haired guitarist hired to play with the group, but when they elope and Selena convinces Abraham that their love is sincere, Chris is welcomed into the family. After a long string of successes on the Latin charts and playing to a sellout crowd at the Houston Astrodome and a crowd of 100,000 at a stadium in Mexico, Selena begins recording her first album in English, which is expected to make her a mainstream star on the level of Whitney Houston or Gloria Estefan. However, the fates decreed it was an album she would never complete. Selena was produced with the participation of the Quintanilla Family, and Selena’s own recordings were used on the soundtrack.