"They Call Us Monsters" Latino Youth Crisis on TV

Latino Youth Crisis “They Call Us Monsters” TV

Wow, this will break your heart!

Today, we face a crisis as too many Latino youth get jailed, and are tried as adults.

PBS TV uncovers on TV with ‘They call us Monsters’. Watch it FREE at bottom.

This provocative documentary tries to uncover its root problems;  gangs in neighborhoods, parents splitting up, poverty and lack of resources.

While we applaud PBS for always uncovering social problems, we as a community must find the solutions for our youth, the future generation. We just don’t know what those solutions are…

30-second video:



They Call Us Monsters goes behind the walls of the Compound, a high-security facility where Los Angeles houses its most violent juvenile criminals, to follow three young offenders who sign up to take a screenwriting class with producer Gabe Cowan as they await their respective trials.

Arrested at 16, Jarad faces 200 years-to-life for four attempted murders; Juan, also arrested at 16, faces 90-to-life for first-degree murder; Antonio was arrested at 14 and faces 90-to-life for two attempted murders. As the boys work with Gabe on their screenplay, their complex stories are revealed. To their advocates, they’re kids.

To the system, they’re adults. To their victims, they’re monsters.

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