"Lean In Latinas" in Bay Area 3

“Lean In Latinas” in Bay Area

“I am looking to surround myself with some inspiring, empowered Latinas who have figured it out or are in the midst of doing so…” this is what Carmela said when she asked to join Lean In Latinas.

Lean In Latinas was created in a moment in time over years. What does this mean?

Growing up in San Jose, California in a crime-ridden neighborhood as a Latina, there wasn’t much hope for a promising future. I never heard the word “college” by my parents. I was not in an environment where I could realize my full potential. In one moment, these years of memories helped me create the path for the current and future generation of Latinas….


"Lean In Latinas" in Bay Area


The mission of Lean In Latinas is to provide a platform of encouragement and support for Latinas in the workplace to achieve higher levels of performance.

Discussions provide confidence building, idea exchange, and inspiration.

Not only do Latinas in the workplace face the same challenges as other women, we also contend with cultural differences that we need to overcome to be successful in the workplace. Many Latinas were not raised with the skill sets needed for the boardroom. Latinas encounter a number of challenges to be effective and competitive in the workplace.

The Lean in Latinas chapter recognizes and addresses the needs of the Latina in the workplace. Not only do we need to close the competitive gap among Latinas and non-Latinas but we also need to close the gap in our cultural beliefs expecting Latinas to only be effective in the home versus in the workplace. Creating Lean In Latinas has been very beneficial for its’ members and for me. The group is diverse and comprised of early careerists to award-winning Latinas.

If you would like to join an awesome group of Latinas looking to Learn, Share and Grow together, please go to www.leaninlatinas.org Anna Dapelo-Garcia Founder, Lean In Latinas


"Lean In Latinas" in Bay Area 2