Mexico will help Texas' Hurrican Harvey!

Mexico will help Texas’ Hurrican Harvey

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said TODAY the state is accepting Mexico’s offer to help get Texas back on its feet in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

“Yes – I have and we are,” said Abbott in Austin when asked by journalists whether he would accept assistance from Mexico. “We had a list of aid and assistance that they have offered to provide that we are accepting.”

Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez, the consul general in Austin, applauded the governor’s decision. He said assistance of vehicles, boats and food will start arriving in Texas within days.

“We are very pleased with Governor Abbott’s response,” he said. “Mexico looks forward to doing its share.”

Mexico, in a diplomatic note Tuesday, provided a long list of items that includes troops, convoys of food, medicine, portable showers and water, said Carlos Sada, Mexico’s undersecretary for North American relations. “Texas and Mexico share more than half the border,” Sada said. “There are families, marriages, businesses that bind our two sides. This is about being good neighbors.”

In Washington, following a meeting at the State Department, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson thanked Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray Caso for its “wide range of assistance.” “It was very generous of Mexico to offer their help at a very, very challenging time for our citizens back in Texas,” he said. Videgaray responded: “You’re absolutely welcome. We are here to help. We are friends. We are neighbors and that’s what friends do.”

President Donald Trump has not responded publicly to Mexico’s aid.…bbotts-response-offer-hurricane-harvey-relief


Mexico has history of helping Texas!

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey will not mark the first time the nation came north with aid.

In 2005, the Mexican military performed a ground convoy onto American soil to deliver food and other supplies after Hurricane Katrina devastated much of the Gulf Coast. The maneuver then marked the first time in which the southern neighbor’s armed forces operated in the United States since 1846