2018 Bay Area Women's Marches

2018 Bay Area Women’s Marches

The amazing WOMEN MARCHES are Saturday! Here’s all Bay Area cities, and best ways to travel there!

Arriba las mujeres!

Because of record attendance last year, law enforcement and transportation authorities are gearing up for another year of big crowds.

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Women’s March Bay Area organizers estimate 80,000 attendees in San Francisco, 30,000 in Oakland and 10 to 20,000 in San Jose.

12 sister marches are planned for the Bay Area and the Women’s March website has a helpful searchable database.


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1. Here’s link for each major march.

Woman’s March Bay Area organizer websites for the San Francisco Rally, the Oakland Rally and the San Jose Rally.


2. Here’s info about traveling on Saturday (other than with your feet).


Last year’s march was BART’s second highest weekend ridership…of all time. Riders this year can expect longer trains and extra technicians to help with escalator and ticketing issues on Saturday. 12th Street and Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland, as well as Civic Center and Embarcadero in San Francisco, will likely be the busiest stations. Folks are encouraged to buy clipper cards in advance.

AC Transit

Since the Women’s March will gather at the Lake Merritt Amphitheatre, multiple AC Transit lines will be affected and require detours. The agency is finalizing its public notice efforts and will have updates on Friday.


VTA will be running a regular Saturday schedule and will have larger train sets to accommodate crowds. The service will also have extra light rail trains on standby to put into service as needed.
Given some of the street closures in downtown San Jose due to the march, the following bus lines are re-routed: 22, 23, 66, 68, 72, 73, 82, 181, 323, 522, and MST86


The main thing to note is that a large chunk of Market Street will be closed to vehicle traffic, everything from 10th and Steuart Street between 1 and 7 p.m. You also can’t cross Market through gaps in the march, so to get across town, take Van Ness or Embarcadero. MUNI is running normal weekend subway service, but will monitoring the crowds to see if more cars are needed. More on specific lines/detours here.


Caltrain will be running its regular service.


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