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Decolonize San Jose! City Council Meeting on Columbus Statue

January 30th at 2 PM – 7 PM
San Jose City Hall
200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA, San Jose, California 95113

The city council met on January 30th to discuss the future of the Christopher Columbus statue currently residing inside city hall.

Our coalition has been working tirelessly the last several months leading up to this meeting and now it is time to cross the finish line. Make sure to attend and bring your friends and family in order to show support for the indigenous community of the Americas.

See pre-rally information below!



Decolonize San Jose! City Council Meeting on Columbus Statue


San Francisco swaps Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples Day!

Excerpt ABC7news

San Francisco supervisors have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, saying they want to honor Native American people and condemn the atrocities they suffered.

Los Angeles and Minneapolis are among the cities that already renamed the holiday to celebrate people who were here before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

Tuesday’s vote in San Francisco upset some Italian Americans who say they’re losing the October holiday meant to celebrate their unique heritage.

The vote was 10-to-1 with Supervisor Aaron Peskin voting no. He represents the historically Italian North Beach neighborhood.

Supervisor Norman Yee said he hopes the board can find a way to honor Italian Americans.