SF Latino Activist Shuts Up Fox News! 1

[video] SF Latino Activist Shuts Up Fox News!

Wow! SF Latino goes against the racist Fox News, who criticized DACA recipients.

It was our own Roberto Hernandez, organizer of SF Carnaval, who argued with the racist!

‘We’re Not Going to Stand for Trump’: Activist Spars With Tucker Over DACA recipients being called lazy.

Excerpt Fox News


2 Videos:

  • please forward to 2:42 minute.


  • another video which shows exact exchange.




Tucker Carlson debated Bay Area activist Roberto Y. Hernandez on TV, Wednesday, Feb. 07, 2018.

When defending Trump’s plan to break the impasse in Congress, White House chief of staff John Kelly suggested some immigrants may have been ‘too afraid’ or ‘too lazy’ to sign up for the Obama-era DACA program that offered protection from deportation.


  • Trump created the DACA crisis! Now his Chief of Staff states DACA students “too lazy to get off their asses”! WOW that lanuage, attitude, stereotyping & racism coming out of the white house these days is getting worse by the minute ! ! ! At 5:00 PM today I will be on FOX TV going toe 2 toe wit Tucker ! ~ ~~~~~~ You say I am a Dreamer, but I’m not the only one ~ ~~~~~~! ! ! STAND UP! ! ! ~ RiSE UP! ! ! ~ BASTA YA ! ! ! ~ Si SE PUEDE ! ! !
  • “Shithole countries” & now “to lazy to get off their asses” ! trump & his crew continue to have no respect! trump created the DACA crisis! He should be focusing on homelessness, education……..FOX host Tucker at it again! Roberto Y. Hernández goes toe 2 toe with him & gets cut off!