[video] First Face of America: PBS TV 1

[video] First Face of America: PBS TV

How amazing! The oldest skeleton in AMERICAS was found in Mexico 13,000 years ago!

This 16 year old girl died in a cave from the Yucatan area looking for water.

Why do Trump & White racists say AMERICA is their land? In truth, their land is from Europe, whom immigrated only a few hundred years ago.

Did you know the first Natives resulted in Aztecs, Mayans, Incas and of course, today’s Native Americans. [we love PBS TV!].


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Take a risky dive into an underwater cave in Mexico to uncover the 13, 000 year-old skeleton of a prehistoric teenager. Follow forensic clues that reveal intimate details of her life and death, and how her people first ventured into North America.

One unlucky day 13,000 years ago, a slight, malnourished teenager missed her footing and tumbled to the bottom of a 100-foot pit deep inside a cave in Mexico’s Yucatán.

Rising seas flooded the cave and cut it off from the outside world—until a team of divers chanced upon her nearly complete skeleton in 2007. Intricate detective work reveals that the young woman’s bones are among the earliest known human remains in the Americas. What drove her to venture nearly a mile underground inside a vast cave? Where did her people come from, and why does she look so distinct from today’s Native Americans?

From a stunning Mexico cave to the wilderness of the Yukon, from the genetics lab to the forefront of forensics, NOVA pursues tantalizing new clues that are rewriting the story of the forgotten first people who ventured into our continent.




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