[fundraiser] Felipe's Hospital stay bill

[fundraiser] Felipe’s Hospital stay bill

Felipe’s Hospital stay bill, Hayward.

For: Felipe Martinez “El de la clave”

Felipe got very sick all of a sudden the night of Christmas. He lost a lot of blood due to and internal bleeding on his gastrointestinal system.

He was lucky to be able to call 911 before passing out again. His blood count was 5.1 and the normal levels should be between 13 and 17, this almost caused a cardiac arrest. Only until last night one of the doctors was able to stop the bleeding coming out of his duodenum. He is still being monitored to make sure the bleeding stops.

Felipe is still in ICU at St Rose hospital and most likely will not be able to go home yet and we expect that the medical bill will be very high. Unfortunately he doesn’t have health insurance and that’s why we are asking for our friends’ help. We thank you in advance for any donation you might be able to make.


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Felipe is out of the ICU , and in good spirit, some of his friends have stopped by to say hello.
His blood levels are up to 7.8 and rising; we are still waiting for the hemorrhage to stop, in the meantime the doctor keeps ordering blood transfusions.

Eating only liquids, (chicken broth and lots of strawberry jello)
Dr is confident with his recovery and hope to send him home in two days,
thank you all for the amazing support, donations and wishes.
(Room 411 Saint Rose Hayward) –

Message from Felipe:
“Thank you much for the visit, Ricardo, his mom , Isidro Montuno Dance, Randall.. love to you all , you guys definitely lifted up my soul”
Ricardo, thank your mom for the present, I’m wearing it now.
Thank you Jhon & Liz of SalsaMania for the visit.


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