Latino Films @ Cinequest Film & VR Festival // San Jose & Redwood City

Cinequest Film & VR Festival Feb. 27 – Mar. 11

Experience gems of Spanish language cinema from around the world – among 130 World and U.S. Premieres.

The biggest Latino film is the WORLD PREMIERE of ADIOS AMOR: The Search for Maria Moreno. It will be held in San Jose and Redwood City. Director Laurie Coyle will be in attendance. See the final 3 films below!




World premiere night video!


Thursday was WORLD PREMIERE of ADIOS AMOR: The Search for Maria Moreno at CINEQUEST Film Festival in San Jose! Director Laurie Coyle in attendance.

Get inspired with Adios Amor portraying Maria Moreno, who led migrant farmers towards their dreams. Gripping story of a trailblazing heroine that history forgot.

Over 50 years ago, before Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez, there was Maria Moreno. In Adios Amor, the discovery of forgotten photographs prompts a search for this unsung heroine, a tenacious woman who sacrificed everything, but her twelve kids, to organize California’s migrant farm workers half a century ago. Her story emerges via a time-traveling journey through California’s agricultural belt. This remarkable story about the migrant workers who put food on all our tables explores enduring questions about whose lives we remember, record, and recognize. – Terra Wood-Taylor.  For event details click here!  Here is ADIOS AMOR website:

Here’s where to see this amazing film!


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Comedy, dramas, thrillers, sci-fi from Mexico, South America and Spain will enthrall and entertain.



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