[exhibit] Intimate Aphorisms: An Anthology of Queer Latinx Narratives

Intimate Aphorisms: An Anthology of Queer Latinx Narratives.

MCCLA Main Gallery second floor
Exhibit dates: JUNE 1, 2018- JUNE 30, 2018
Opening reception June 1, 2018. 6:30pm-9pm
$5 admission fee

Curated by Orlando de la Garza

“Intimate Aphorisms” presents a journey into the lives of 15 artists and their uninhibited and instinctive expressions of individuality.

The exhibition displays an intimate relationship between the artists and their subjects that ranges from identity, family, desire, displacement, faith, and body image. The artists execute their personal work with a distinctive and palpable approach by re-interpreting imagery and symbolisms drawn from (but not limited to) religious iconography, quilting techniques, self-portraiture, and poetry.

“Intimate Aphorisms” showcases artists’ innate desire to reflect their own truth, on their own terms.


Toni di Carlo
Candy Guinea
Steve Lopez
LeeAnn DiCicco
Hector Gomez
Fabian Echevarria
Yolanda Reyes
Alexander Hernandez
Oscar Gallegos
Hablo Rodriguez-Williams
Fernando Miguel
Alfredo Bisset
Manos Creativas
Estela Nava
Celia Herrera Rodriguez