GUELAGUETZA: Oaxacan Indigenous Fiesta // Santa Cruz

2018 Festival Guelaguetza // San Jose

Disfruta de la maxima fiesta Oaxaquena y vive un dia maravilloso y colorido con toda la familia!

  • Sunday June 24th, 2017 from 10am to 5pm
  • See below: map, tickets, flyers, video and photos!

#Guelaguetza a historic celebration that will be woven on to the minds and hearts of the audience, presenting dances, music, wide variety of traditional foods and artisanal Market. #food and #artisanal Market #tlayudas #chapulines #mole #tepache.







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Sunday, June 24th from 10am to 5pm

  • At The Fair Grounds of San Jose
  • Come and enjoy the 8 regions of the state of Oaxaca
  • Live music from “The Philharmonic Bnd Maqueos”
  • With the participation of Martha Toledo from Oaxaca Mexico
  • Locals Musician Alma Navarro and
  • As our special guest Our Little Oaxaquena Sofia Cruz
  • Enjoy our Dances from each region with The Group Huaxaxiag and Guests
  • We will have handicrafts and typical costumes.
  • Traditional dishes such as Tlayuda, Mole, Burnt Milk, Tejate and more
  • Do not miss the great variety of Mezcal Oaxacaqueno that we will be enjoying

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