Latinx in Tech Summit // Oakland

E-Sports Arena
255 2nd St, Oakland, CA 94607
Oakland Nov 1-2nd.

#LTX18 will create an inclusive space exploring emerging tech, advocacy, identity, how to start/grow your company & more!

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Our time is now…

As the second largest ethnic community in the US, our Latinx generation is the most multicultural, intersectional, mobile-first, and powerful community of record. Our actions and engagements are dictating culture for the next generation. We are a growing force that will drive the innovation economy and dictate the future of tech.

In celebration of the many layers of identity and culture that make up the beautiful diaspora of Latinx, we are cultivating an event unlike any other, for over 300 members from across the U.S.

The LTX Summit will create a safe, inclusive, and creative space. Featuring prominent voices and valuable curated programming, we will explore emerging tech, opportunities, access, advocacy, mindfulness, and identity.

Over the next generation, U.S. based Latinx talent and leadership when at its full range of robust, innovative, and intersectional experiences will redefine the tech sector for the better.

The LTX Summit is not a conference. It’s an activation of our community as we become the creators who will build equity and access for all.






Day 1: Beyond Barriers

Inspire your personal revolution through the power of our community at its best.
8:00 am
Registration + Breakfast
9:00 aM
Welcome Remarks
10:00 am
Opening talks
12:00 PM
Lunch with Google
2:00 pm
Workshops on identity
3:30 pm
Break & Books signings
4:15 pm
Panel Sessions on Resilience
6:00 Pm
7:00 Pm
Pandora presents: DIa De los Muertos blacklight party

Day 2: Tech Done Right

Channel the power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and tech skills to bring about positive change.
9:00 am
10:30 am
Open Mic Reflections
11:00 am
Why Latinx will drive tech forward
11:45 am
12:00 Pm
Panels on COmmunity
12:25 Pm
Panels on Leadership
1:00 Pm
Lunch with google
3:00 Pm
Emerging Tech Trends Salons
4:00 Pm
Founder Fireside Chat
5:15 Pm
Closing remarks