Top 5 Cellphones and Deals

1. Save money! Here’s the best values.

Do you have a broken cellphone (or a broken screen), and don’t want to pay a lot for a new one?

The solution:

$290 – $380 are the prices listed for brand new cellphones below.

Source: Consumer Reports.


Shopping links:

  1. The best value is the Google Pixel XL at $295 and can be bought here.
  2. The second best value is Sony Xperia X at $299 and can be bought here:  You can also go to Amazon here.
  3. The third best value is Sony Xperia XZs at $380 and can be bought here:

Want a little bit of a better phone?

If you can afford $470, we recommend the Samsung S7 with a rating of 77 points. You can buy it here.


2. You only want the best!

The world’s top 5 cellphones are priced about $1000. They are the Samsung Note 9 and Apple’s new XS series.

If you wish to get a new phone for the Holidays, the phones listed below are of the highest quality.

But, let’s face it. Most of us don’t want to spend that much for a cellphone. But, we have a solution!

The solution:  If you want to save hundreds of dollars, the best deals are the Samsung’s 9 and 9+, $670 – $740. See below for those values.

Source: Consumer Reports.