‘Mission Local’ bashes leaders who want its neighborhood Latino!

We’re very frustrated with ‘Mission Local’, a local newspaper that won’t respect – or support – its own neighborhood cultural designation.

We keep seeing this rhetoric time and time again about Gentrification justification, and honestly, we’re very sick and tired of it.

Their article below is a perfect example!

Our concerns:

Why is it so damn wrong for trying to keep Latino culture alive in the neighborhood?

Didn’t the city’s government designate this neighborhood a Latino community to be called ‘Calle 24th’.

After call, you can proudly see this stamped – in all the signs lining up its main corridor on 24th.

We think it’s obvious that many Latinos WON’T be happy with a non-Latino business? Smh…


Please read below their article and tell us what you think in comments below.

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