70 inch TV’s under $1,000

Get a 70 inch high-quality TV for $1000

When it comes to the jumbo-sized TVs in our ratings, it was a toss-up between the Sony XBR-70X830F and the LG 70UK6570PUB, which had nearly identical scores.

Both had excellent high-def picture quality, very good UHD performance, and comparable viewing-angle scores.

Although the LG did sound a little bit better, we’re giving the Sony set the nod as our top pick because it had slight edge in HDR performance and reducing motion blur.

But the LG set is about $600 cheaper right now, so there’s a strong argument for that being the better deal.


Best TV’s:


LG television $1,000. Model number: LG 70UK6570PUB




This 70-inch 4K UHD smart TV, well priced for a 4K TV this size from a major brand, delivers excellent high-definition picture quality and very good UHD performance. Its HDR performance, though, only had very limited effectiveness, mainly due to a lack of sufficient HDR brightness. (LG’s mainstream 4K TVs support the HDR10 and HLG HDR formats.) The TV does have very good sound, though. This model–which unlike the UK6300 models below it, has local dimming and support for a wider color gamut–comes with LG’s updated smart TV platform, plus its ThinQ voice-enabled artificial intelligence platform, which allows it to interact with and control other compatible smart home products. The TV also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa digital voice assistants, though it requires an optional LG Magic Remote. The set has four HDMI inputs, and two USB ports.

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LG television around $1000.


Sony television $1,000: Model number: XBR-70X830F



This mid-level 70-inch 4K UHD smart TV from Sony, available only in 60- and 70-inch screen sizes, delivers excellent high-definition picture quality and very good UHD performance. While the TV supports HDR, it had limited effectiveness, mainly due to peak brightness limitations. The TV does a very good job reducing motion blur, and it has very good sound. Like other Sony UHD TVs this year, the X830F sets use Google’s Android TV smart TV platform, which offers access to Google Cast for streaming from mobile devices, plus Google Play apps, in addition to several streaming services. It supports voice search when using the included remote or a compatible Android device, and has Google Assistant built in. It will also work with Amazon’s Alexa digital voice assistant. The TV has four HDMI inputs, and three USB ports.

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Sony television around $1600.


Source: Consumer Reports.