Xavier Becerra is New California Attorney General

Xavier Becerra sues Trump over emergency Border wall

Yesss for Xavier Becerra, our California Attorney General!

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He will sue Trump over his emergency declaration to fund a wall. Excerpt KQED


Update: Feb. 19th:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra unveiled his latest legal strike against the Trump administration on Monday: suing to block the president’s emergency declaration that aims to fund a border wall.

“I think he is engaging in theater using the power of the presidency to commit violations of the law, essentially to perform for his shrinking base of supporters,” Becerra told KQED. “And that’s unfortunate because especially on President’s Day we should be trying to uphold and strengthen our democracy, not undermine it.”

Becerra said California’s standing in the case would not rest directly on the idea of new physical barriers on its southern border (new border construction has largely been focused in Texas) but rather on Trump’s proposal to redirect federal funds from existing projects to pay for the wall.

“The State would suffer economic harm from diversion of funding from military construction projects on California bases,” the lawsuit reads. “More defense contractor funding is spent in California than in any other state, and such funding generates significant state and local tax revenues, employment, and economic activity.”

Sixteen states joined California in the legal complaint (filed in the Northern District court in San Francisco) which seeks an injunction to stop the emergency declaration from taking effect.



last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., issued a statement sharply critical of the president’s action. The statement said, in part:

“The President’s unlawful declaration over a crisis that does not exist does great violence to our Constitution and makes America less safe, stealing from urgently needed defense funds for the security of our military and our nation. …

“The President’s actions clearly violate the Congress’s exclusive power of the purse, which our Founders enshrined in the Constitution. The Congress will defend our constitutional authorities in the Congress, in the Courts, and in the public, using every remedy available.”


Becerra and Newsom said they were reviewing the emergency declaration but are likely to join other states in suing. Both challenged the notion that there was a real emergency. Becerra cited events past presidents used to implement such declarations.

“He has the power to declare a national emergency,” Becerra said. “But this is not 9/11. This is not the Iran hostage crisis of 1979. This is a president showing his disdain for the rule of law and our U.S Constitution. From California, seeing this is nothing new.”

California has repeatedly challenged Trump in court. Becerra has filed at least 45 lawsuits against the administration.

Newsom said the wall is a “monument to stupidity” that would not make the country safer.