Boricuas en el Bay Area: #RickyRenuncia movement // Oakland


The Puerto Rican community of the Bay Area is holding a peaceful gathering to support Puerto Rico in the the #RickyRenuncia movement.


Everyone is welcome! 🇵🇷

Reuncia Rosello and all corrupt politicians in Puerto Rico. Please come and support the people of Boriken. Bay Area take a stand and make your presence felt. The time is now!

“We are lifting up our loved ones in Puerto Rico and all of the acts of violence towards the people of Puerto Rico at the hands of a corrupt government, an illegal and unjust debt, mass closing of public schools and hospitals, unaddressed femicidios, attacks on the workers and the list goes on in a system which has been set up to benefit a select few and the expense of the people of Puerto Rico.

Candlelight Vigil on Monday 7/22 6-8PM at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland