Zoppé – An Italian Family Circus 2019 // Redwood City

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Zoppé – An Italian Family Circus.
Matinee & Evening Showtimes,
October 11 – November 3
Circus Tent: 1455 Madison Ave., Red Morton Park, Redwood City.

Youth: $10-$18, Adults: $15-$23,
Front Row Seats: $20-$28

Tickets at: https://squareup.com/store/RWCZoppe
More info at: http://www.redwoodcity.org/zoppe





The Zoppé Italian Family Circus welcomes guests into an authentic one-ring circus tent, in Red Morton Park in Redwood City from October 11th through November 3rd for matinee and evening show times.

For 2019, Zoppé brings a special show honoring women… La Nonna (Grandmother in Italian). This one-ring circus honors the best history of the Old-World Italian tradition and stars Nino the Clown, along with many other thrilling, mostly women-based acts.

Tickets and info at: www.redwoodcity.org/zoppe



Details of the Zoppé Italian Family Circus: October 11th – November 3rd:

History. History is made in moments like these.

La Nonna (Grandmother in Italian) is a special tribute to a past Zoppé matriarch who kept the show alive during the great depression with her tenacity and perseverance. La Nonna celebrates the POWER, BEAUTY, and ELEGANCE of women with a predominately female company of artists. This is a historic show for the greater circus community. Zoppé is at the forefront of what circus has to offer humanity, while pointedly keeping in touch with true circus tradition.

177 years and seven generations of the Zoppé Family uphold the love and fun of their uniquely intimate show. Though they’ve born the perception of accessory, women have always been integral to the circus. Zoppé premiers groundbreaking all-female troupes in, until now, male-dominated disciplines. These empowered women will show you that femininity embodies each point along the spectrum between softness and power, often simultaneously.

Come. Find out for yourself why this circus is historic. Feel the drum of the horse’s hooves thunder through your body as the first-ever all-female cossack act rides around the ring. Hold your breath as our trapeze troupe display impeccable timing, graceful strength, and sheer bravery. Everyone is welcome inside this tent that is impressively put up and taken down every location with loads of hard labor and a raucous good time. The Zoppé family shares its home and story with you as you enter into the Big Top. Everyone leaves with a smile, warm heart, and their own story to discover and tell. This is not an experience to be missed.



New Acts for 2019 include:

Zingara Riders, Molly Plunk, Mongolian Circus, Santos Family, Aimee Klien – RingMistress, Carmen Rosales – Juggling

The Circus Tent has a home in beautiful Red Morton Park, specifically 1455 Madison Ave. Multiple parking lots surround the park, with an easy stroll to the tent. On your stroll, see why Red Morton Park was voted Bay Area Parent Magazines “Family Favorite” park of 2013 with its multiple sports fields perfect for lounging, flower gardens, and kid’s playground.

The Zoppé Family Circus is a once-a-year event not to be missed, so get your tickets early!





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