[exhibit] “Tijuana: The refugee struggle at the border” // SF

Photographer Mabel Jiménez recently visited her hometown of Tijuana to witness how US asylum policies are causing a refugee crisis in the border city.

The 20 photo exhibition is a visit to Tijuana’s border wall and migrant shelters from February to March, 2019.

Hosted by City College of San Francisco Department of Journalism and Mabel Jimenez Photograph.
Gallery hours are M-F, 11-5 p.m. Exhibit closes Friday, Nov. 8th.
City College of San Francisco Department of Journalism
50 Phelan Avenue, Bungalow 615, San Francisco.



As a major migratory gateway, Tijuana has been greatly impacted by the US government’s immigration policies that limit the number of asylum seekers it accepts. This has caused the population of refugees in Tijuana to grow at an unprecedented rate, while leaving the city’s migrant shelters struggling to keep up.

Mabel Jiménez is an independent photographer and writer based in San Francisco. She is the former Photo Editor of El Tecolote newspaper. During her seven year tenure in the position, she created, produced and curated a yearly group photography exhibit Latino Life for five consecutive years. It is the only ongoing photography exhibit in the San Francisco Bay Area showcasing the Latino experience.

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