[exhibit] Our Connection to the Land // San Jose

Our Connection to the Land
Thru March 15, 2020, Free

A compassionate, complex portrait of field labor in ‘Our Connection to the Land’.

Wooden crates, produce boxes and discarded coffee cups are some of the unconventional materials used as canvases in “Our Connection to the Land.”

The exhibit reminded me of what we can all easily ignore: There’s a group of fieldworkers who’ve spent hours, days or weeks harvesting the fruits and vegetables we buy at the market.

These narratives endow their subjects with a specific sense of individuality. We can see that they’re just trying to make a living like everybody else.

In his work, Narsiso Martinez confronts the state of being carelessly unconscious of—or indifferent to—where our food comes from. “My motivation for representing farmworkers is really to shine a light on their plight,” Martinez said in a 2018 interview with the Long Beach Post. He has also worked in orchards, at times, in order to earn a living, so he isn’t acting like a voyeur or an artistic tourist.

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