[video] Latinas in Biotech

In this webinar, 4 Latinas shared their experience building a career in STEM and working in the Biotech industry.

You should not take a no for an answer, find your tech mentor and follow your dreams.

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Latinas in Tech is a non-profit organization that aims to empower Latinas working in Technology across 11 cities.

Over 9,000 members are part of this organization. We partner with top Tech companies to ensure that there is equal representation in the decision-making table. See below for details.


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Latinas connect, learn, and support each other
Latinas in Tech·Friday, August 24, 2018· Latinas in Tech started in 2014 as an informal gathering of friends in Silicon Valley. A couple of happy hours turned into a full fledged movement, that began to grow organically: since then, it expanded to Austin (Texas), Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York City and Mexico City.
Our Co-Founders, Gretel Perera and Rocio Medina, dreamed of a group where Latinas could connect with each other, learn from each other and support each other’s professional careers.
The group eventually became big enough that we started hosting meetups at various tech companies in the Bay Area. As a result of LiT, more than 2,000 women have connected through more than 30 meetups across three cities over the past four years.
We are focused on empowering and connecting Latinas through three key pillars: Professional Development, Recruiting and Mentorship.
The core activity of Latinas in Tech are regular Meetups where we host a panel of Latina experts on different topics. We have hosted events featuring top Latina engineers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders.
During our Meetups, we discuss topics that are important to Latinas, including: how to grow in your career, challenges/opportunities of being a Latina working in tech; how to use your culture as a strategic weapon; the importance of mentors; how to get more Latinas into tech; what are the stereotypes we need to overcome as a Latina working in tech; how do we get a “seat at the table”; how do we get more Latinas into leadership roles; career failures and what we learned from them.
Outside of our usual monthly meetups, we host virtual mentoring and professional development sessions as well as other inspiring conversations on our LiT-owned and run Slack channel which includes women from all over the country.
Every year, LiT celebrates our community with a full-day Summit that brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs, media and tech companies, investors and non-profits to tackle the tough conversations around diversity and inclusion, while also facilitating long-term relationships to help attendees and speakers in their professional journey.

Why do we need more Latinas in Tech?

Currently, statistics show that only 1% of Latinas are working in tech. (Source: National Center for Information Technology)
When it comes to funding, studies show that only about 1% of all Latino-owned businesses created in the U.S. received venture capital or angel investments. (Source: National Center for Information Technology)
Furthermore, when it comes to pay inequality, Latina women bare the brunt of the cost. For every $1 a white man makes, Latina women earn 54 cents (compared to 80 cents for women overall). Compared with white men, Latina women earn $26,000 less per year. (Source: ACLU & MomsRising.Org)
Latinas in Tech is here to change the conversation. Our goal is to increase the number of Latinas working in tech and we can do this by creating a strong community where we learn from each other, inspire each other and open doors for each other.
Because we know having diverse teams is not just a good idea, it’s good business.
  • Return on Equity: female-friendly companies outperform the competition by 53%.
  • Return on Sales: Companies with more women on their board saw a 42% higher return on sales
  • Return on Invested Capital: Perhaps most tellingly of all, the companies with more women board directors turned invested capital into profit 66% more successfully.
(SOURCE: Catalyst)
We also see a need to get more Latinas into leadership roles in tech. We can do this by creating professional development opportunities for our members and connecting them with potential mentors.
We are small but powerful, and we are stronger together. Join our community!