[watch] Daily Corona virus updates by California Governor

Governor Gavin Newsom provides daily updates on California‘s response to the #COVID19 outbreak

  • Starting April 6th, our governor provides news briefings and take answers from the media.
  • List of California resources at bottom.


May 27th video:

  • please forward to 6th minute and 30 seconds.




April 6th was first video:


See past videos:



Helpful links to fight #COVID19.




Project Roomkey:

  • Helping to securing thousands of rooms for extremely vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness to help flatten the #COVID19 curve.
  • Californians can do their part to help by volunteering or donating.
    📲 Serve.ca.gov


Small business:

  • California small businesses employ almost half of CA employees & we know #COVID19 is hurting many of them.
  • We are providing broad support for small businesses & employers impacted by Coronavirus.
  • Learn more about the programs you may qualify for 💻 covid19.ca.gov


Find jobs:


Senior Citizens:

  • Older Californians, check your mailbox! 📬
  • California has partnered with AARP California to mail older Californians postcards with resources & information on #COVID19.