[watch] Carnaval San Francisco “STREAM 2020”​ from May 24, 2020

Dancers, Drummers, Musicians and More Participated in The 42​nd ​Annual Celebration SAN FRANCISCO Carnaval.

Proceeds helped feed 6,000 families during the stream with a Donate Button. Watch video below!

SF CARNAVAL will bring talent, tech & community together along with Mission District’s Calle 24 Latino Cultural District for its 42nd annual celebration. The purpose of this year’s celebration is to help raise funds to help feed 6,000 families in the Mission District where COVID19 has disproportionately affected Latinos.


Watch video now!





Special Guest Address:

London Breed: Mayor of San Francisco
Los Tigres del Norte
Roberto Y. Hernández
Chuy Gomez

Performances by

Amor do Samba Entertainment
Mario y su Timbeko
Loco Bloco

Time: 2pm – 4pm.
Watch video: https://howlive.tv/event/carnivalsf


The need for Latino community in SF:

According to a recent UCSF study: 1o​f nearly 3,000 residents and workers in a Mission District census tract who were tested in late April for active infection with the novel coronavirus, an overwhelming number (95 percent) were Hispanic or Latinx.

The majority of those who tested positive (82 percent) reported having been financially affected by economic fallout of the pandemic and only 10 percent reported being able to work from home.

“Our community needs to stay strong, and in order to persevere it needs to stay healthy​,” ​ said Carnaval San Francisco Co-founder and Artistic Director Roberto Hernandez. “We welcome everyone to take an introspective look at their mental, spiritual and physical health, and seek balance and well-being, particularly in tumultuous times.”


Video 1:

  • Rafael Bustamante Sarria, founder, musical director, and singer-songwriter of La Gente SF!



Video 2:

  • BrasArte dance instructor Ashlee George as she shares with us her passion for Afro-Brazilian dance and her history with Carnaval SF.



About San Francisco’s Carnaval:

Celebration features music, dance, brilliant costumes from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Conceived 42 years ago by a group of local musicians, artists and residents eager to bring the spirit of Latin American and Caribbean culture to San Francisco, Carnaval San Francisco has grown to become the largest annual multicultural celebration in California. Carnaval San Francisco is a project of Cultura y Arte Nativa de las Américas.

This Sunday 2-4pm, the live streaming event, powered by LATINLIVE™, HOWLiVE, Jaffe Events & Earshot Entertainment will include today’s top Latino artists including heritage artists, Mardi Gras & Fat Tuesday festivities.

Watch now: https://howlive.tv/event/carnivalsf





  • Talent Buyer: ​Jim Vargas, Earshot Entertainment (​415) 902-5450 jim.vargas@gmail.com
  • Media Contact: ​Roberto Y. Hernandez: ​(​415) 206-0577 ​latinzoneprod@aol.com
  • Sponsorships Contact: Eric Osuna, (415) 937-7883 ​eric@wearelatinlive.com
  • Carnaval SF Live Stream Dropbox Link For Media: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0wxron3i4qmjqyf/AAA9IaNwIZFDoNUyA3Mn7A3qa?dl=0

1: ​Initial Results of Mission District COVID-19 Testing Announced:


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