14 year-old Latina creates Peaceful Protest in Redwood City [videos]

UPDATE! 17-year old Latina organized SF’s Mission District latest protest. Click here!

See below 5 inspiring videos from BLM “Black Lives Matter” protest in Redwood city square on June 2nd, 2020.

Also, new photos at bottom from 3 photographers.


New video!

Summary of protest with amazing unity and passions organized by 14-year old Latina, and her amigas!





About 2,000 demonstrators gathered in front of the old San Mateo County courthouse around 4 p.m., with speakers addressing the crowd hours before the county curfew there took effect at 8:30 p.m.

The rally was organized in part by Tiffany Medrano-Martinez, 14, who said she could have never imagined she’d be standing in front of hundreds of people less than a week after graduating from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in Redwood City.

“I was expecting 50 people,” Medrano-Martinez said. “I feel so proud and I feel so much love.”

Medrano-Martinez said in an interview that she had asked her brother to help her design a protest flyer to excoriate the “horrible injustice” of the police killing of Floyd. That flyer was shared by hundreds of people on social media.

“I don’t have a lot of friends, I’m only friends with about 10 people,” Medrano-Martinez told the crowd, speaking, in tears, from the steps of the old courthouse. “I’m not a huge social butterfly so it’s crazy that this many people came to support.”


Video 1: Latino youth volunteer congratulates 14 year old Tiffany. Here’s her amazing story!



Video 2: Tiffany introducies her team of family and friends, at the huge crowds.:




The Redwood City protesters were met with a limited police presence, in stark contrast to police reaction to protesters in other cities across the Bay Area in the past several days.

“You’re not seeing people in riot gear,” said Redwood City Chief of Police Dan Mulholland. “It’s symbolic of the message we are trying to get across which is that you are welcome here and we’re here to support you.”

Despite the lack of officers on the street, police were stationed all over Redwood City and up and down the Peninsula in case protests once again become violent. And officers detained a man in his 20s who hid a 2 and a half foot serrated machete inside of a sign that said “F— the Police,” according to Mulholland.

At around 6:30 p.m., hundreds of people began marching down Broadway Avenue in Redwood City toward Woodside Road. Redwood City police officers, joined by others from surrounding police departments, swarmed on the 76 gas station on Broadway and Chestnut Street where seven men were posted up with shotguns and pistols “ready to defend their property,” police said.

Speeding toward the crowd in a motorcycle, one Redwood City Police officer asked the crowd to stay put while police arrested the seven men. No more details are available at this time.


Video 3: Pastor organizer speaks of her strength and spirit.



Video 4: End of peaceful protest.





Photos by: JIMENEZ650.

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Photos by LBA: