Face Masks are Mandatory in California

Face masks are now required across the state of California, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced, today Thursday.

As of today it is mandated to wear face mask in public places. It’s about time. We should have done this from day one . It would’ve saved so many lives . I would rather wear a face mask instead of getting the deadly virus .


California joins New York, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island and New Mexico in implementing a mandatory face-covering requirement, according to the National Governors Assn.

The new order applies to all Californians in indoor spaces, healthcare settings, on public transportation and rideshare vehicles and at workplaces that are visited by the public or where food is prepared for sale or distribution.

“Science shows that face coverings and masks works,” Newsom said in the statement. “They are critical to keeping those who are around you safe, keeping businesses open and restarting our economy.”

“Simply put, we are seeing too many people with faces uncovered — putting at risk the real progress we have made in fighting the disease,” he said in a statement issued by the state’s Department of Public Health.


New rules!

People must wear masks when inside or in line for any indoor public spaces, in health care settings like hospitals and pharmacies, while waiting for or riding public transportation and in outdoor spaces where its not possible to stay six feet (1.8 meters) apart from other people.

It also applies to workplaces where people interact with the public, prepare or package food and share common spaces like hallways and elevators. Office workers would have to wear masks if they can’t physically distance.

Masks are required outdoors where people cannot maintain a distance of six feet from each other.



Children 2 and under, and anyone with a developmental disability that prevents the wearing of a face covering or is hearing impaired and relies on lip reading are exempt.

Face coverings are also not required when people are eating or drinking or exercising outdoors, provided they can maintain a distance of at least six feet from people who are not from their households.

Prison inmates are also exempt and are subject to prison and jail-specific guidelines.


Recent spikes!

Today Thursday, 6/18/2020 saw 7 deaths in the Bay Area. Click here for details.

Cases: California and Los Angeles County saw a record 2,100 infections on Wednesday, a clear sign that the COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of waning in the state.

Deaths: 5,300 COVID-19 deaths have been reported in California thus far, including almost 3,000 in L.A. County.

“This pandemic has hit hard all of our communities. But in particular, people of color and vulnerable communities such as seniors, farm workers and those with compromised immune systems,” Perez said in a statement. “We see a rise in positive cases and hospital bed usage in the county but more so in the Coachella Valley. Social distancing, washing our hands and wearing facial coverings are all simple measures that we can all abide by to protect ourselves and our fellow neighbors.”