Maya and the Three: Netflix

New Netflix animated series will explore the wonders of the Mayan civilization.

Kids’ TV for ages 8 to 10.

A Mesoamerican warrior princess embarks on a quest to recruit three legendary fighters to help save the world of gods — and humankind.

Maya and the Three, which drops on Netflix in the summer of 2021, is a 4 ½-hour epic that will be released in 30-minute episodes.



Maya and the Three, an animated series written and directed by Mexican animator Jorge R. Gutierrez, known for his outstanding work such as The Book of Life, animated series El Tigre and Son of Jaguar.

In addition to the crew, Silvia Olivas will be the co-writer and co-executive producer while Jeff Ranjo, animator for movies such as Frozen and Moana, will be head of story.

There has been very little information shared about the fantasy animated series, however in some countries on the Netflix platform a short synopsis can be found. The plot is set in a mythical Mesoamerican inspired world a warrior princess undertakes the mission of recruiting three warriors to save the world of the gods… and humanity together.



During an interview, Gutierrez shared the origins of how his most precious project became to be a production of America’s greatest media-services provider:

I sat down on Jan. 25th of this year and that was the first time I ever pitched Maya, no art, no writing, just an idea. And here I am 11 months later, knee-deep in production.»

Gutierrez felt that something was missing in the animated world, a heroine out of the ordinary, a princess who was beautiful and funny but courageous and full of fierce the Mexican «Lord of the Rings.» The protagonist will be a bad-ass half-god half-human warrior princess, accompanied by a Caribbean wizard, an albino archer, and a giant barbarian from the mountains: the unbeatable team of Maya and the Three.

Since the series is still on its early stage, there is no information about the cast that will be giving a voice to the magical characters from Gutierrez’s animated series, however, he shared that it was quite important to have «people from everywhere». The series is made up of nine episodes, each lasting 30 minutes, each episode promises to captivate the audience with its unique animation.



The release of this animated Netflix limited series is scheduled for summer 2021, and Gutierrez feels particularly inspired to work on Maya and the Three, feeling that his work can bring joy to the kids when the world is fighting against the current pandemic