[video] Intimate Rooftop Concert by Colombian-Born CHIKA DI

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  • Colombian-Born CHIKA DI: performed an Intimate Rooftop ONLINE LIVE-Stream Concert from Saturday August 29, 2020.



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#LATINLIVE™ & Jaffe Events Presents: CHIKA DI
: Intimate Rooftop LIVE ONLINE-Streaming Concert @ Hotel VIA in SF.

Colombian-Born CHIKA DI: Intimate Rooftop Live Stream Concert.

#ChikaDi , who blends Latin Pop and EDM sounds, will be performing LIVE On-Stream on an amazing rooftop stage in San Francisco @ the glamourous Hotel VIA.

The Colombian-born, California-based artist Chika Di blends Latin Pop and EDM sounds. Diana Trujillo, professionally known as Chika Di is the lead vocal and contributing songwriter for Bay Area band.


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LaMisaNegra​, Chika has shared the stage with notable acts such as:

Red Hot Chili Peppers
, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
and Mon Lafertet.

Join her for an exclusive, unique and intimate rooftop online live stream show Saturday August 29, 2020 @ 7PM PST – 8PM PST

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to: House of Blues Music Forward Foundation.



Why Music Forward?

Today’s youth face a nationwide crisis when it comes to education and employment.
11.7% of our nation’s 16-24 year olds — or 4.5 million young people — are disconnected, meaning they are not currently enrolled in school or working and that disconnection is even greater for youth of color. Experts also expect youth disconnection rates will spike dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, these young people face a variety of challenges, including:
–Permanently depressed future earnings
–Entrapment in perpetual cycles of poverty
–Increased participation in, or risk of becoming victimized by, crime
–Poor mental and physical health

Music Forward is doing its part to address these sobering statistics by helping youth turn their passion for music into professions, both on-stage and behind the scenes. Our programs help youth who have a passion for music develop skills to secure employment in the music industry and related fields, leading them to promising futures.


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