[live] “Viva el Cine” by the Mill Valley Film Festival

💥 ¡Viva El Cine! at MVFF43: Outstanding Spanish-language films from around the world!

“Viva el Cine” Virtual Kickoff – Oct 1, 2020
Event by Hispanic Marin
Oct 8 – 18th, 2020.
Where: Website.

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Join us to preview MVFF’s ¡Viva el Cine! Initiative, which showcases prize-winning Spanish-language and Latin American films that seek to engage and embrace our Spanish-speaking and -loving audiences.

These screenings create a unique community where history, culture, and identity can be explored through the magic of movies.

This year, we celebrate our Viva’s opening night with the North American premiere of The Heist of the Century (El robo del siglo) by Ariel Winograd Argentina/Spain.

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