Biden was first declared USA President by ‘Business Insider’

Wow!!! BIDEN is declared President by “reputable” business website – BUSINESS INSIDER.

    • “IT’S OVER: Biden defeats Trump in a nail-biting election to become America’s next president”.
    • “While there are still more votes to count in Pennsylvania, McCoy said that a particular batch that came out on Friday morning pushed Biden over the top.”.

More than 2 full days after the final polls closed, Decision Desk [see below] called the presidential election for Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Friday morning. His home state of Pennsylvania pushed him over the top and allowed him to cross the 270 electoral vote threshold.

Source: business insider


Insider and our partners at Decision Desk HQ called the 2020 election for Joe Biden on Friday morning, while many other outlets had not.

Different media outlets and wire services use various criteria for declaring a winner in elections. DDHQ’s president, Drew McCoy, explained why it felt comfortable making the call.

DDHQ, which has been calling major races since the 2012 election, stepped onto the national stage in 2014 by being the first service to call House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s upset defeat in his reelection bid.

“We knew that a certain margin wouldn’t have done it and [Biden] simply taking the lead was insufficient,” McCoy, a longtime campaign analyst, told Insider on what led to DDHQ making the call that Biden would win Pennsylvania and thus the presidency.

He added: “So it really came down to having some understanding of what the margin would have to be and then seeing that the vote hit that margin, and also that there was still votes to come that would replicate that margin.”

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