[play] “A Solid Home” by Elena Garro: Mexican American Conservatory Theatre

MACT Comics Presents: A Solid Home by Elena Garro: A Graphic Novel Play.

This is your chance to meet the Cast and Crew of “A Solid Home” by Elena Garro.

We will be watching an extended version of the play with some added gems!

After, stay for a talk back and Q&A with the entire team! So, please join us for an afternoon full of love, comics and theatre!

Nov 21st at 3:30 PM – 5 PM.
Where: Facebook live. https://www.facebook.com/mexamtheatre/live/
Hosted by The Mexican American Conservatory Theatre.


See promo video!


About play:

“A Solid Home ”(“Un Hogar Solido”), written in 1957 by Mexican playwright Elena Garro, is a magnificent piece in which she recreates life after death; a longing to meet again after life with those who have passed on.

Elena Garro is known as a precursor of magical realism, not only for this work, but also for her stories and novels. In “A Solid Home” we find different generations of family members living together in the same crypt, remembering their past, longing for and sometimes not wishing for the new relatives to enter the grave.

Juan Rulfo in his novel “Pedro Páramo” spoke to us about life after death, as well as other Mexican writers. Elena Garro does it with humor, nostalgia and poetry.

In addition to literature, recent films such as Disney’s “Coco” or Metacube’s “Day of the Dead” have created interest in this very particular Mexican vision of creating life, even after death.


Who we are:

The Mexican American Conservatory Theatre (MACT) is devoted to translating and producing Mexican and Latin American plays into English for U.S. audiences. In sharing these works, we strengthen true representations of our cultures within the United States and around the world.



Artistic Director/Founder: Francisco Javier Rodriguez
Theatre Manager: Deborah Cortez
Head of Translations: Isabel A.Hermosillo
Dramaturge: Lourdes Salmerón
Director of Public Relations: Alfonso (Fonz) Godinez
Audience Development Director: Marisa Ramos
Brand Manager: Mikel Paz



Mama Jesusita: Jovita Molina

Vicente Mejia: Fonz Godinez

Doña Gertrudis: Deborah Cortez

Clemente: Tony Ortega

Lidia: Marisa Ramos

Catalina: Virginia Blanco

Eva: Danielle Tortolani

Muni: Samuel Prince

Creative Team:

Artistic Director/Stage Manager: Francisco Javier Rodriguez

Directors: Lourdes Salmerón & Rafael Garzaniti

Translator: Isabel A. Hermosillo

Illistrator/Editor: Alfonso Godinez

Editor: Marisa Ramos

Designer: Mikel Paz

Sound Designer: Bilal Muhammad

Vocal Coach: Elyssa Mersdorf



Watch Live: https://www.facebook.com/mexamtheatre/live