[video] CÓRDOBA band: Mi Música

If you missed the live stream concert from last week, see it below, subscribe, and share it.

January 23rd 6 PM – 7:15 PM
CÓRDOBA– Mi Música.
Facebook Live and Youtube.


You can forward to 6:42 for start of performance.



CÓRDOBA’s first performance! This production will showcase CÓRDOBA’s music and styles ranging from POP , Rock, to reggaetón and salsa!

CORDOBA is the long awaited release from Bay Area Grammy award winning artist Armando Cordoba!

This a free event but asking for donations to help fund future showcases while helping musicians financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Any amount will be appreciated!


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The band:


Blending exotic-elements and the influence of sounds from around the globe, CORDOBA offers a brand-new experience in entertainment through vibrant, uplifting songs that combine pop & rock rhythms alongside the smooth vibes of R&B and Latin music.

After incubating and refining the idea, concept and songs for nearly a decade –Armando Cordoba has reached a whole new level of creativity and passion that expertly uses his years of experience in the music industry in perfect harmony with an entire group of dedicated and supremely talented musicians at his side onstage & in the studio in his band CORDOBA.

With strong, powerful songs that evoke genuine emotion –Armando has brought the best out of himself and the skills & experience gained from his time spent in the exciting Salsa-band Avance and collaborating with top-names in the industry like Sheila E., Santana, WAR, Al Jarreau & many more.



Recently in 2013, Armando also took home a Grammy Award for his assistance in the recording & production of Pacific Mambo Orchestra’s Tropical-album of the year, and the momentum from that inspiring moment has continued to drive his career rapidly-forward with growing support & enthusiasm from fans & peers alike ever since.

CORDOBA also features the talents of percussionist Karl Perazzo, an 11-time Grammy Award winner for his outstanding work with Santana.

A long-time friend and collaborator –Karl & Armando first teamed up in 1994 to form Avance and they’ve continued to find innovative & wild new ways to collaborate throughout the years and have created an unbreakable bond through their music and time together.

Reflected in the tight, precise rhythms of CORDOBA –this musical family extends to & includes talented key-players like Christian Pepin, Dave Shul, Sonya Distel, Jorge Pomar and more!

The warm, invitational nature of Armando and his surrounding talent in CORDOBA have often brought in and welcomed players &musicians of all-sorts to become a part of their journey, music & experience.

With new singles beginning to pop online onto music-sites worldwide, the word is spreading fast about the CORDOBA project and the exotic style of the upcoming album. Transforming rhythms & grooves from ordinary to extraordinary and leaving audiences stunned with their unique blend of Tropical & World-music combined with modern-day rock, pop & R&B –

CORDOBA is meant to be shared, experienced and enjoyed thoroughly by enthusiastic music-fans all over the world.