[video] Annual Mexica New Year ceremony 2021 // San Jose

🔥Virtual Mexica New Year🔥this year.

See amazing video from last Saturday!



March 13th at 6 AM PST – 1 PM PST
23rd Annual Mexica New Year 2021
Where: Facebook page.

Join live broadcast from Saturday to enjoy and see the sunrise ceremony and danza Azteca from the comfort of your own home!!!

We are moving into the year Chicnahui Calli (9 house).




Familia, Welcome! It is an absolute pleasure to be reaching out to all of you to announce this year’s 23rd Annual Mexica New Year eremony on Saturday, March 13th.

We are excited to announce that this year’s Mexica New Year’s Ceremony will be a fully VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE!

Due to the current state of pandemic restrictions imposed throughout the state this year, we were unable to have this event live.

This ceremony is so important and vital to a lot of us in the community that canceling was not an option.


Aztec calendar:

Chicnahui (#9)

In the Aztec Calendar, the number 9 is related with the wind and the rain, as they both help life flourish. The number 9 also represents balance and is the center and beginning of the development of experiences in life, which is a time of constant learning. Those born on this number are very centered and creative.

Calli – Casa – House

Calli refers to a building or enclosure. Calli is something that protects or safeguards something. Those born on the sign Calli are creative, home protectors and enjoy spending time with their families. They are people who study, work, are farsighted, enjoy sitting down and who are gatherers to have all the basic necessities.


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