[video] DJLeydis’ La Voz Cuba Meets the Bay: Premiere // Youtube

See video from June 23rd premiere of DJLeydis’ La Voz Cuba Meets the Bay!

It also featured legendary Cuban hip hop group Krudas Cubensi.



About video:


:: La Voz Cuba meet The Bay :: is a project started by DJLeydis in 2011 in Oakland California with the purpose of bringing Cuban artists and their culture to the Bay Area while also making a connection and mixing both cultures.

Wed, June 23, 2021
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

Through this project Leydisvel Freire, also known as DJLeydis is trying is to bring forth stunning visuals from both cultures while bridging both worlds.

When the President Barack Obama and the President of Cuba Raúl Castro announced the beginning of a process of normalization of relations between the two countries many Cuban artists had the opportunity to perform in US, as a result they were able to present Cuban rhythms, dance moves, and music to a wider audience.

For DJLeydis it has been a dream come true, to have the opportunity to bring to her new home (the Bay Area) Cubans artists with Afro-Cuban drum rhythms, voices, culture and community. This strong bridge continues today in the form of a collaborative exchange. La Voz serves as the bridge between these two cultures captured visually resulting in the creation of a four episodes that follow the journey of DJLeydis between Cuba and The Bay Area.

Learn about her new project in video: https://www.facebook.com/DJLeydis/videos/10222546658588277



Born and raised in Cuba, DJ Leydis combines contemporary hits with a distinct fusion of Latin flavors, R&B classics, and roots reggae blends. Involved in the Cuban hip-hop movement since its inception, DJ Leydis helped organize some of the country’s most respected and best-attended events and community programs.

In 2005 she cofounded Omegas Kilay, a hip-hop theater collective in Havana focused on presenting the poetry, music, experiences, and perspectives of artists such as DJ Yari, Danay Suarez, Nono, La LLave De IPG, La Negra, and Las Krudas. DJ Leydis co-created the first all-female DJ mixtape in Cuba, contributing a special blend of new flavor and spirit to the international community. In 2006 DJ Leydis migrated to United States to expand upon her work as a DJ and has worked with Erykah Badu, Quest Love of the Roots, and other iconic US-based artists.

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