49ers Mexican lineman Alfredo Gutiérrez

Update! Even though 49ers must reduce their roster to 85 players by Tuesday, they are afforded an extra slot for Mexican offensive tackle Alfredo Gutierrez, who’s part of the NFL’s international player program. Gutierrez suited up but did not play last Saturday night.

Mexican lineman Alfredo Gutiérrez is marveling at his 49ers’ education, and Bay Area support

49ers prepare their 2021 season with 25 year old Mexican Alfredo Gutiérrez, who’s no ordinary 49ers’ rookie but rather a Mexican offensive lineman who’s drawn widespread support in his Bay Area move.

Gutierrez, a native of Tijuana, Mexico, is assured a practice squad spot through the NFL’s International Player Pathway program.


Video: Alfredo Gutierrez Practices on Day 8 of 49ers Training Camp.


Latest update of Alfredo: [8/16 4pm].

How is OL Alfredo Gutierrez doing?

“He’s balling. He is representing Mexico well. He’s doing a good job. We’ve enjoyed him here. It’s been nice. He’s a big guy. I think he’s getting used to what we do. Asking him to do some of the run blocking stuff has been new for him. But he looks like he belongs and hopefully he’ll get some playing time in there eventually, but I’ve enjoyed having him.”


A Mexican in the ranks of the 49ers:

Gutierrez is a massive, 6-foot-9 offensive tackle.

Born in Tijuana, he played for two years on Montgomery High’s football team in San Diego before returning to Mexico and winning the college football championship there at Monterey Tech.

Four NFL teams were allowed to recruit international players as part of a program that helps players reach the highest league in American football in the United States, (The International Player Pathway Program).

The San Francisco 49ers chose Mexican Alfredo Gutiérrez, an offensive lineman who played at Tecnológico de Monterrey, stood out for his skills and great size, essential characteristics in this sport, the 49ers saw in him a great prospect to consider him as an indisputable starting player.

The Mexican Gutiérrez is fighting to take advantage of this new opportunity that life and his own effort gives him, he accepts advice from all his teammates, such as his friend Mike McGlinchey # 69 and veteran Trent Williams # 71, considered one of the best offensive linemen in the league, who expresses himself very well in Alfredo and sees him as an excellent player with great blocking technique and a great hunger to learn. Read more here.


Next 49er games!

The 49ers’ remaining exhibitions are this Sunday at the Los Angeles Chargers and Aug. 29 against the Raiders at Levi’s Stadium.

The regular-season opener is Sept. 12 at Detroit.



  • Decals of Mexican and American flags are placed on the back of Alfredo Gutierrez’s 49ers helmet.