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[videos] Festival de Las Américas 2021 // SF


Join us on September 18th for an outdoor and virtual Fiesta De Las Americas event!

To celebrate the countdown to our all-day event, we will be highlighting some fun facts about all the countries in las Americas.

The Calle 24 Latino Cultural District presents its annual Fiesta de las Américas taking place within the 24th Street corridor, in the heart of the Mission District.

Las Fiesta de Las Américas celebrates the independence of various Latin American countries and commemorates the culture, arts and music found from Patagonia to the Arctic Circle. It highlights the unique Latino diaspora experience which has cemented the Latino Cultural District as the center of Latino activism, arts, commerce, and culture in San Francisco since the 1940’s.

Traditional dance, music, food and more. “Experience Latin America”.


Watch 9 performances on their Facebook:


Outdoor schedule:

  • Performances were from 9am – 4pm at the SF Mission District. All the groups are listed below.


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Logo from 2017:

Las Fiesta de Las Américas // SF