Stop TARGET from selling “SI SE PUEDE” merchandise that’s UFW trademarked!

ACT NOW! Tell Target stores to stop misusing the UFW-trademarked SI SE PUEDE.

Selling cheap SI SE PUEDE merchandise diverts funds that should benefit farm workers.

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Dígale a Target que deje de hacer un mal uso de la marca registrada de UFW “SI SE PUEDE”.

La venta de mercancía barata con SI SE PUEDE desvía fondos que deberían beneficiar a los campesinos.

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ACT NOW: Demand Target stop selling shirts exploiting UFW’s trademarked Si Se Puede slogan!

Confused UFW supporters have contacted the UFW after seeing Target is selling t-shirts online and in stores, asking if the UFW endorsed Target’s use and if farm workers are getting any part of the profits from Target’s sales.

The answer is a resounding NO! Target never reached out to us to ask permission. Even Obama got a license from the UFW to use SI SE PUEDE in his campaign. We’re here to set the record straight.

UFW’s attorneys have reached out to this multi-million dollar chain, but Target has refused to remove the Si Se Puede shirts from its stores. The UFW contacted Target and in good faith held back from going public, but Target has continued to use delay tactics and refuses to remove the merchandise.

Can you believe that Target and its designer claim that anyone can profit from SI SE PUEDE, even though farm workers and supporters have proudly chanted Si Se Puede (and worn it on our shirts!) for decades? Dolores and Cesar created the famous chant to empower workers to join the union. Target even refers to labor unions in this t-shirt’s advertising, profiting from decades of good will and integrity surrounding SI SE PUEDE.

Tell Target their misappropriation of the UFW’s trademark phrase will not be tolerated by consumers. Take action and send an email to Target today. Tell Target to immediately stop selling these shirts.


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