[video] Mujer, Trabajo, Salud film @ Dance Mission Theater + Zoom // SF


See powerful video from Friday’s “Mujer, Trabajo, Salud”.

A Dance Film Premiere about the Lives and Activism of Domestic Workers Seeing Access to Paid Time Off.

This short film featured the compelling testimonies of 16 domestic worker leaders from La Colectiva, dance, poetry, theater, and statistics about this labor force.

La Colectiva de Mujeres, Dance Mission Theater, and the California Domestic Worker Coalition presented on Friday, Nov. 5th a virtual screening and discussion of Mujer, Trabajo, Salud.

See video!



About past event:

Dance Mission Theater: Mujer, Trabajo, Salud
November 5 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.
Live: Watch video above!

“The Women’s Collective is a group of Latina, immigrant women. We are Domestic Workers who take care of children, take care of people with disabilities, and clean homes.

I want the laws to change through the voice of the workers. We are the ones who carry the campaigns forward, we are the ones who are at the forefront, and it is important that we as domestic workers make the change through the campaigns we fight for” – Guillermina Castellanos.